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Winter for Healing & Transformation

On the other side of activity is Stillness

On the other side of control is Surrender

On the other side of agitation is Peace.

Winter can deliver all of these

Slow down

Answer the call to Go Within

Your Deepest Self awaits

Winter can be challenging in a culture that forces us to go, go, go with little reverence for or permission to slow down.

Nature, in contrast, minimises her output; trees lose their leaves, animals hibernate, birds migrate. Humans carry on & as a result find themselves exhausted, the proverbial 'sick & tired'.

Winter, if you can meet it, is a season of recovery and re-sourcing for your Soul. It's a powerful time to contemplate the depths of your inner world, experience the power of stillness, of silence, as well as The Super power that is ' slowing down.'

It is a time to recalibrate, refresh and allow deeper inner work to unfold, thus preparing you for your own personal re-awakening; the promise of re-birth in Spring.

The Winter Solstice (20-22 Dec) marks the return of the Light after the darkest night, Hurray! ....and.... I, for one, know that I feel cheated if I have not spent enough alone time, meditating, practising Yin Yoga, or crafting by the fire. It's like a most special & precious medicine has been missed.

Autumn & Winter are prime Yin season; In slowing down, getting super quiet your innate wisdom can be heard by you, can guide you, can elevate & inspire you, quietly from within, so that we remember our light in the darkest of nights.

Winter Specials for Healing & Transformation 2022/23

To encourage & assist you to explore the deeper dimensions of your Self this winter, I have put together a SPECIAL for You

During Jan, Feb & Mar 2023 I am offering an introductory 50% discount on 1-2-1/ 2's on the following sessions, when booked by 31st Dec with code SMY50

They can be bought for You or as a Gift

  • Yin Yoga & Breathwork

  • Yoga for Anxiety & Overwhelm

  • Yoga for the Menopause

  • Himalayan Bowl Healing

  • Crystal Bowl Healing

  • Sound Healing w/Gongs*

  • Total Alignment (Energy Diagnostics, Wellness coaching, Breath work, Yoga, Sound Healing) NB: All sessions can be enjoyed in person or online except *

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