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“The Yoga opens you, softens you, connects you to 

Your Body, 

Your Breath. 

It allows you to enter into a deeper dimension of yourself. 

And, in this state of openness, 

The Frequency, 

The Sound, 

Gets to penetrate more deeply, 

                      more effectively, 

into the finer aspects of Being, 

                     Your Being-ness, 

    and literally, quite Literally

             TUNES YOU UP. 

Bringing you back to Yourself, 

A kind of effortless Soul-Remembering,

And The Frequency

                   The Vibration

                           So Lightened

Gets the opportunity to Be Realigned


With In-Sight the truth of Rumi’s poetic offering is revealed………

“Let the waters settle & you will see the moon & the stars mirrored in your own Being.”

Shivani Maria is an experienced British Wheel of Yoga Qualified Teacher (2003) and an Accredited Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach specialising in helping peri menopausal & menopausal women feel fabulous.

She is a Sound Energy practitioner accredited by the CTAA



​Yoga offers a number of key attributes to the practice:

  • Flexibility in body & mind

  • Insight & Intuition

  • Spaciousness

  • Clarity

  • Openness

  • Clear-sightedness

  • Peace 



Sound healing & sound therapy isn't anything new. Sound has been used within the world's wisdom traditions for personal transformation for thousands of years. Sound has the ability to balance & bring healing to ourselves on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level.

In this yogic practice specific sounds are used to awaken our consciousness, they do this through vibrating the mind & body in different ways.

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Calling upon years of experience in wellness coaching methods combined with a deep intuition guidance, we are able to explore the inner depths of the mind and ascertain clear intentions of what we wish to understand.. By being the mirror, we get to see what may be blocking us achieving our goals and re-align with our ultimate aspirations.

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