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Sunday Bliss - Yoga Nidra w/Gongs

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

"Yoga Nidra is an effortless state of restful being in freedom - a horizontal meditation.... a conscious way to rest that invites you to nourish every aspect of yourself" -

Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Yoga Nidra Made Easy

The time of Radical Restorative Rest is back!

It is a reclamation of deeply restorative & rejuvenating practices that have been proven to :

  • Relieve Stress

  • Improve Sleep

  • Elevate Mood

  • Improve Vitality

  • Enhance Creativity &

  • Connect You to Your Deepest Self.

Yoga Nidra is a self-care super power that has appeared, since the 5 or 6th century BC; in the Yogic spiritual wisdom texts ;The Upanishads

It is a re-connecting, conscious, guided, practice of deepest rest, in the liminal state, on the threshold of sleep, and, as such, has the potential to awaken states of deeper awareness within you. States of awareness that can transform your relationship with yourself & who you perceive yourself to be.

There are 10 main steps to Yoga Nidra

  1. Decide & Prepare; make a decision/answer an inner call to take conscious rest. Relax, Settle in ; make a comfy nest for yourself. Get cushions, blankets, an eye mask.

  2. Intention setting; Focus on Your Breath; arrive, tune in, listen. What would you like to call in, send energy to or support in your life?

  3. Form your Intention (sankalpa in Sanskrit), from the above & put it in a positive statement such as " I am healed in every cell of my body", " I am safe, protected & guided -alway",I am abundant, generous & free"

  4. Body awareness - a journey of the mind through the body that ignites, connects & begins a process of integration.

  5. Breath Awareness; Attention to the movement of breath with full mindfulness

  6. Sensation awareness ; calling to mind pairs of opposites, exploring paradoxes

  7. Guided Meditation / Visualisation ; (In this example, this part will be held bu The Gongs themselves- ideally 30-40 mins

  8. Connecting within with your inner listening; `Calling your intention to mind.

  9. Externalising your awareness;

  10. Completion; coming fully back.

Remembering that it is a practice, an unwinding, so that we may be resourced & re-connected to the magic within us, the creative resources & innate intelligence.

On Sunday, March 5th, 1pm in Forest row, there is a unique offering of Yoga Nidra with Gongs, 8 of them, to deliver a Sunday Serenade of Blissful Stillness.

This is a co-creation with myself, Shivani Maria & the wonderful musician & Sound healer that is DeBee Merrryvale.

If you're reading this blog after the event, we are available for Yoga Nidra with Gongs, Yin Yoga & Sound Healing or Transformative & Relaxing Sound baths.

Take care & love to see you soon

Much love, Shivani Maria x

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