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Nervous System Regulating Sound Healing Sessions with Tuning Forks, Himalayan Bowls, or Crystal Singing Bowls


Thursday 7th September

£20 if booked before 25th August 2023, £25 if booked afterwards.


Thursday 5th October

£20 if booked before 21st September 2023, £25 if booked afterwards.

Thursday  2nd November

£20 if booked before 19th October 2023, £25 if booked afterwards.

30 minute sessions available from 1pm til 6.45pm 

LOCATION: The Anderida Practice, Lower Road, Forest Row



Are you feeling a bit anxious, stressed, overwhelmed & experiencing borderline burnout?

I’m offering a series of monthly, affordable, mini healing sessions, harnessing the power of Tuning forks Crystal or Tibetan Singing bowls to bring profound balance and harmony to your nervous system.

In just 30 minutes, experience the transformative effects of these ancient healing instruments as they resonate with your body's natural frequencies, promoting relaxation and inner alignment. 

Unwind and immerse yourself in this unique journey of sound healing, leaving you refreshed, centred, and ready to embrace the world with a newfound sense of well-being.

Secure your space now by paying with the button below. I'll then get back to you to book the best day and time for you.



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