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Total Alignment

Yoga Wisdom, Sound Healing, Energy Diagnostics, Intuitive Coaching.

  • 2 hours
  • 89 British pounds
  • Forest Row|The Anderida Practice

Transformation Station

Experience the Gifts of Self-awareness, Intuitive Guidance & The Magic of a Perfectly Aligned Energy System. This unique modality draws upon the extensive benefits of Yin Yoga, Sound Rebalancing, Breathwork, Energy Body diagnostics & Intuitive Coaching 4 Wellness; Mind, Body, Spirit. The offering is an opportunity to uncover & release deep layers of holding & contraction in your mind & body. It is fundamentally a journey back to Wholeness; our optimum State of Being. An initial Mind, Body, Spirit coaching enquiry will be followed by a traditional Energy Diagnostic tool assessing your Human Energy System; Chakras & Aura. Yin Yoga is a potent combination of Hatha Yoga, TCM (Trad Chinese Medicine) & Mindfulness Meditation. A series of floor shapes, aligned to tone & increase energy flow (via meridians) open you up, connecting you deeply to your breath & therefore the present moment. Breath in, Breath Out, Now, only now. In timings of the Yoga Shape, usually 2-5mins, you get to go deep... as doorways begin to open in body & mind. The sound healing begins here. Himalayan bowls are played around the body & can be played directly on the body. This sends out a deep resonance; ripples of sound & frequency, bathing your very cells in releasing or soothing sound, bringing inner travel, inner clarity, maybe visions, the ability to see the bigger picture, forgiveness, maybe sweet sweet harmony. Using sound for therapy is centuries old, the Ancient Greeks are documented as using it for mental health & today it still offers the same benefits for physical, mental & emotional health. The Instruments that weave their rebalancing and harmonising ways through your Being are Crystal Bowls, Himalayan Bowls, Gongs, Chimes, Flute, Voice & Earth resonant percussion. After deep relaxation; energy diagnostics are revisited, grounding snacks are provided & there is time for sharing or journalling if you wish. A return to a deep feeling of wholeness where anything is possible = Total Alignment. Please Get In Touch to start Exploring Deeper, Gaining Trust & Confidence, Accessing Creativity & Wisdom, Experiencing True Fulfilment. This Session is available ONLINE or IN PERSON, as an Individual or with a partner/trusted friend. SESSION for 2 =£140 SESSION for 3 = £165 *Please book for one spot & message me to arrange additional places NB: Cancellation Policy: Sorry no refunds. Rescheduling with a min of 24-36 hours notice (dependent on venue)

Cancelation Policy

Cancellation and Refund Policy for Yoga/Sound Healing/Wellness Coaching Individual, Group & 1-2-1 Sessions Terms & conditions: Cancellation & Refund Requests for 1-2-1/Couples Yoga /Sound Healing /Wellness Coaching Cancellation needs to be made a minimum of 24hrs before the appointed time if you are scheduled to attend Shivani Maria Yoga Sounds Healing Lounge. If an outside venue has been deemed as a preference, the cancellation time is 36 hours. You will be notified of this once your booking is confirmed. The appointment, with the appropriate notice period, can be rescheduled at no extra charge. Cancellations of less than 24/36 hours will be charged at the normal rate. In the event of LESS than 24hours notice but MORE than 4 hours notice, you are welcome to offer your session to a friend or family member, assuming they have no serious health contraindications. MULTIPLE ADVANCED 1-2-1 /1-2-2 SESSIONS No Refunds can be made on multiple session advanced payments. In the case of long illness or similar the period to enjoy the sessions can be extended. Special Circumstances: Refund and Cancellation policy Please note that there will be no refund under any ‘normal’ circumstances. Special circumstances such as bereavement, serious accident, severe illness or the choice less necessity to leave the country, which may totally preclude you from joining a course/program/session at a later date will be considered. You cannot take part if you test positive for COVID-19 in the isolation time before the course or session begins. However, your registration is valid for 1 year and you can choose to attend any of the upcoming dates of the Yoga /Sound Healing course/sessions that you originally registered for. Please allow up to 4 weeks to process any ‘Special Circumstance’ refund. I’m sorry but there will be no refunds available for no-show on any course, retreat, program or session. Thank you for booking ! With warmth, Shivani Maria x Rescheduling request is a minimum of 24 hours before the appointment time. Less than that the session will be deemed as taken. Sorry No Refunds available

Contact Details

  • Shivani Maria Yoga Sounds, Hartfield Road, Forest Row, UK


  • The Anderida Practice, Lower Road, Forest Row, UK


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