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Yin Yoga for Grief & Letting Go

" All your past except its beauty is gone, and nothing is left but a blessing" - Unknown

" Letting go of someone we love is the hardest thing we will ever do. Some people never surrender to love for the fear of being hurt. But to not have loved, to have not felt the immense joy it brings, would have been a far worse kind of death" -Goldie Hawn

Recently I was sharing about Autumn being the time of Letting Go; of grief, of sadness, of mourning. Equally it is considered, quite understandably, as a time of preparation for Winter & returning to the Earth; a time for rest, of containment.

Today, Monday 19th September 2022, we find ourselves, in the UK, saying official goodbyes to the longest reigning monarch in history, Queen Elizabeth II.

Although I am not a royalist per se, I felt touched enough with the significance of Elizabeth, the private & the public woman, the mother, the grandmother, the sister, the wife, to feel called to travel to London & place a floral tribute in London to her life & her passing.

It brought up some poignant reflections on life, death & all those aspects which I've needed to let go of in my life - I deeply felt the sorrow & shed a tear or more that is for sure.

Grief, sadness, sorrow, mourning were on display on a massive scale that we rarely witness & yet, in our everyday lives, we may be experiencing unspoken grief or bereavement ourselves.

As a culture, we can find dealing with another's grief, despair or bereavement awkward, we feel that we don't know what to say/do.

We may also have come to realise that our own sorrow is still there; perhaps reawakened by this monumental event. Maybe we've never had the time or trusted friendships to fully process it.

Buddhists contemplate death as a powerful way to overcome this fear & its inevitability, whatever our wealth or status.

Yoga additionally teaches us that we are eternal beings and that clinging to the idea of this one physical life is what brings us most pain.


And what of pain? I still experience as much pain & fear, at times, about death & loss as anyone but I have been blessed also to see its wisdom & beauty.

Having processed the loss of an unborn child, my father passing & a 10 year marriage rapidly dissolve, I am no stranger to pain & do you know what helped the most? what brought the wisdom? the beauty?


The wider perspectives & deeper awakenings that arose came from taking that anguish, that anxiety, that confusion onto the mat. This is where the portals opened, Portals of Pain I came to term them.


Because I actually DO care

I care about us being heard

I care about us being held

I care about us being healed

This is why I share Yin Yoga & Sound Healing.

I feel called to share the deep transformation that is possible through the deeper, intentional practices of Yoga; deepening our connection to our true essence, our deepest Self. We can then receive the healing & wholeness that we seek.

You can get in contact via my website to book a discovery call, message me on what's app 07542 964574 & make a time to speak. Maybe you'd like receive guidance on how Yin Yoga & Sound Healing could help you to grow through challenging circumstances or emotions.

Transformation is possible through 1-2-1 Yin Yoga, Holistic Wellness Coaching & Sound Healing.

Alternatively you can join me, on the mat, in a small intimate setting of Yin Yoga & Sound Bowls, where all is welcome.

Upcoming Group Event: 4 x Weds of Yin Yoga & Sound Bowls 28/9 -19/10 2022

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Poignant,deep reflections - Thankyou

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